Ace Hotel and One Trip Pass continue our coastal caravan from Portland to LA to "rediscover American craft and standards, humor, kitsch, oddities, and the beauty of storytelling through artists, craftsman, individuals of character, stores, markets, wilderness and urban sprawl." The journey has been getting some love on Selectism and Secret Forts. Here’s the latest update:

We woke at the crack of dawn near Cape Meares Oregon to a foggy beach and a sea foam bath. Headed south en route to our favorite moccasin maker but not before we tried to find the Octopus Tree at the end of the Crab Harbor Peninsula. Driving down the desolate dirt road, flanked by water on both sides, Nate asked  ”You guys sure about this?” Moments later we
met face to face with an Army issue dump truck and had no option but to back our two-part 44 foot long rig up the half mile to the gate bearing the warning, DO NOT ENTER. We offered the MO a case of PBR to lighten the mood but he declined. “You guys in a band?” “Not quite.” We eventually backed up and found the Octopus Tree a few miles in the other direction.

Later down the drive we stopped at Dune City and took a minute to walk around and watch the dune buggies howling in the distance. Finally, in the late afternoon we reached our 
destination and picked up the 14 pairs moccasins our friend has been making for us. Got these here now next to me in the Airstream.

Not quite sure where we are right now, somewhere by Bullards Beach State Park I think, but we can hear the ocean. Ready for sleep, and ready for a new day in California, in full of color.

Stay tuned for more from the road. In the meantime, ready yourselves for the LA pop-up shop when Nate, Jou-Yie, and Jay finally reach the end of their journey with an eclectic, inanimate community of small and unexpected treats for you. (Please notice that we updated the address on the flyer.)

Photo by Nate Bressler

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