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The Painted Ship: Little White Lies — London Records

Bizarre, snotty, killer garage 45 (the flip, Frustration, is amazing as well) by this Canadian band has always been a fave and a staple in my DJ set…Throbbimg wild garage track but the vocals are what always gets me. The beyond-Jagger enunciation always cracks me up & makes me very happy as it veers into the bizarro zone, my fave! Here’s a quote from Canuckistan Music about Little White Lies:

Vancouver’s Painted Ship first hit the water as the Wee Beasties when budding poet/vocalist William “The Captain” Hay teamed up with guitarist Rob Rowden out at the University of British Columbia in the summer of 1965. With Rob’s brother Barry Rowden on drums and bassist Ken Wain rounding out the crew, the newly christened Painted Ship took their virile garage/punk to the clubs, making regular splashes at the seminal Retinal Circus on Davie Street. By late ‘66 the band had delivered the stellar ‘Frustration’ to the execs over at London Records, but the suits were still unconvinced, insisting on something with more commercial potential. The result, the hard-hitting Little White Lies, with its hefty organ and strident sneer, would scale the regional charts into the summer of ‘67. 

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