Kodachrome RIP : Part Deux

We’ve had a couple of friends send in their favorite Kodachrome shots in response to our recent post about ol’ Koda hittin’ the dust. Feel free to send yours in, too. We want to wallow for a while longer…

Hey, I think this is from the last role of Kodachrome ever shot (with my favorite camera). It’s of the Bradbury Building, which was featured in three of my favorite LA films - Chinatown, Double Indemnity, and most notably Bladerunner.


So damn sad about the film being discontinued. I guess all we’re left with now is an iphone app that dreams of reproducing the real thing. I’ve attached a few of my grandparent’s shots that I found while digging through old photos at their house. That’s my grandfathers Dodge driving through a redwood in NorCal in 1955. The other is my great grandmother and her sister sometime in the 51. Since there are no time machines (yet) it’s my goal to make a feature film someday that looks and feels like living in a Kodachrome world. Look forward to staying at one of your fine hotels in the near future.
Cheers, Andrew T. Maness

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