Beyondadoubt, pictured here at The George & Dragon in Shoreditch, London, has an encyclopedic knowledge of genres of music most barely know how to recognize. She’s been creating hybrid tracks of bounce, house, soul and punk for over a decade, playing soul 45s all over the country and her own dance music all over the world. Recently back in the US from a European tour with Beth Ditto, she’s playing tonight at HANDS ON with Light Asylum and DJs from CockFight.

We asked her for a plalist of some of her favorite tracks, below. Come get thanked by your own ass tonight on the dance floor, 10pm til 2am, free to all.

1. Tears Baby by Johnny West - 1962 RnB

I’m really a sucker for any song that mentions the word tears. 

2. No G.D.M. by Gina X - 1979 New Wave

This is always a stand out track. For me it’s at a perfect tempo. I love the lyrics, “you are perfect you are shear if you are a redhead queer.”

3. Poloroid by Ruth  - 1985 New Wave

Cold wave, Dark wave, Synth wave? Not sure which is the correct term, but this song is pretty near perfect with the deadpan vocals, synth lines and horn line. My girlfriend hates the female vocals on this one, but I don’t mind and actually really like the contrast. 

4. Homework by Otis Rush - 1962 RnB

Horns Horns Horns Horns. Ugh so good.

5. Make dat Ass Go by SBP Gunna - 2010 Bounce

An amazing video of New Orleans shakers. Absolutely LOVE that they are all over the construction equipment.

6. Home Depot (Hammertime) by Blaq n Mild - 2009 Bounce

A bounce classic by legends Blaq n Mild. Bounce shakers descend on Home Depot and reek amazing havoc. So fun.

Photo by Christa Holka

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