Trannyshack in The Commune

Don’t eat breakfast while you read this. Trannyshack was revolting, brilliant, hilarious.

WEST COAST LOVE TRAIN at Ace Hotel Palm Springs


Noon to 4pm - Pool Party: Jer Ber Jones hosts DJs Honey Sound System and Susan in Accounting, plus performances by Barbie Q, Lady Bear, Phyllis Navidad, Tammie Brown and many more, with shot girl Wendy on skates

6 to 8pm - Queer Film Showcase: Two hours of queer art and short films hosted by Honey Suckle Hype, poolside and free to everyone

9pm to 2am - Drag Show and Dance Party: DJs Juanita More, Chris Bowen, Honey Sound System and Victor Rodriguez, plus live drag performances with special guests


10am to noon - Gay Pride Parade: Downtown Palm Springs, see you there

Noon to 4pm - Children of the Sun Special Pride Edition: Pool Party mashup with lots of DJs playing mini sets including Victor Rodriguez, Chris Bowen, Honey Sound System, Susan in Accounting and many more

Photos by Marc Cartwright

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