Our friend and frequent visitor at Ace Hotel New York, Sam Calagione, founder and president of Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales invited us down Delaware to hang out. He showed us around his brewery in Milton, and his pub in Rahoboth Beach. After schooling us on beer with multiple tastings of both fan-based homebrew and seasonal Dogfish Head beers, we continued to climb up the company’s tree house for a tasting of the new cedar spiked gin. We finished the evening with a meal at the Brewings & Eats Pub before laying out head in the Dogfish Head suite at the Inn at Canal Square.

Sam and his team share a passion for living life well, taking their craft seriously and with passion, and allowing for life’s other joys to fuel their craft: music, travel, art, food, family and friends. They like to keep things off-center, and practice Beer & Benevolence. We’re stoked to have Sam as a friend and look forward to exploring the world through his beer goggles.

If you haven’t seen his new show Brewmasters on The Discovery Channel, check it out tonight at 8pm EST.

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