The Dill Pickle Club

We like The Dill Pickle Club. They care about place and history and the creative and self-motivated people who make culture, independently and without promise of financial return or great acclaim. Through tours and public presentations in Portland, one of our favorite cities, they create non-traditional avenues for learning “where all forms of knowledge are valued.”

Tonight at The Cleaners at Ace Hotel Portland, they’re holding a fundraiser by challenging several local chefs to create the perfect pickle. The benefit marks the beginning of an exciting year wherein The DPC works with Publication Studio to re-release four out-of-print books about Portland — art, oral history, architecture, and local culture — that will accompany a year-long, roving lecture series at symbolic locations around the city.

The books — low-budget, immeasurably important documents of local eras — reflect the fabric of Portland’s weird, rebellious, vibrant and radically earnest culture. Here are some selected pages from Twenty Seven Installations and Rubbings From the Rose City. Keep an eye out on their site for more about the books, the lectures, and other ways you can pick up what they’re throwing down.

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