ARKITIP Issue 0053X: Mark of Collaboration

Jeremy Pelley x Fritz Mesenbrink x Mathew Foster of OMFGCo

Arkitip asked Ace’s Alex Calderwood and John Jay of Studio J to curate their latest issue, X: Mark of Collaboration. It’s made up entirely of creative alliances between artists and innovators. After you look at this selection of pages and pictures of John and Alex working on the issue, you might want to get one. You can do that here.

See more photos and information about collaborators on our Facebook.

Dong Wei x Huang Wei Don

Tom Sachs x Camilla Deterre

Roman Alonso x Carlos Morera

Bruce Wolf x Ying

Gus Van Sant x Paige Powell

Ambra Medda x Silvia Fendi

Front cover and transparent overlay.

Back cover.


John and Alex working at Studio J.

Ace Hotel does not endorse the killing of all artists.

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