Remember your bed at Ace Hotel Portland? It was really soft and looked good. You can get an exclusive Pendleton x Ace Hotel Portland pure virgin wool and cotton blanket, and then your bed will be like that, too.

Woven in Pendleton, Oregon and finished in Washougal, Washington by Pendleton Woolen Mills, a 140 year old company based in the Pacific Northwest, just like Ace. Email Ace Hotel Portland. They’ll send you an order form and then put one in the mail for you.

Pendleton also makes blankets for Ace Hotel New York. Send them a note if you’d like one.

Photos by Noah Kalina, this is a recording, leedav, kate/for me, for you, msutter, ldanderson, Matt 1986, NessieNoodle, Jeremy Pelley of OMFGCo, and sweetmelissa813. Thanks, Flickr friends.

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    Just ordered one of these to keep me warm this winter.
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