We collaborated with Generic Surplus and Arkitip last year to create Ace-exclusive shoes perfect for the poolside and for walks in the desert. This spring, we’re re-introducing these very coveted kicks in new colorways, and with all the same great elements as the original. The classic low-top laced plimsoll silhouette has been re-imagined with a mesh upper made of quick-drying canvas that keeps your feet cool and dry. The vulcanized non-slip sole is perfect for poolside cocktail mingling on a Sunday afternoon.

Check them out early (they’re due out April 15) and reserve a pair with Arkitip. Keep them at the ready for your first foray into the sun this year at Ace Palm Springs.

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    didnt get these last time i was at the Ace.. I just wanted the bag that comes with.. this time I will be getting
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