"Think about this, the built environment, in a way as a picture of a world, and we being part of that picture."

A lot can happen in a week. Since we announced our collaboration with Event Horizon last Friday, the exhibition has been fully unveiled. Quite literally. 31 casts of the artist’s body stand vulnerably exposed on rooftops, corners, and perches throughout the Flatiron District. You’re not alone if you’ve almost been hit by a bike messenger while pausing to look up at a shadowy sentinel on the skyline.

And we’ve received our first entries for the photo & video contest - learn more about the contest and our special package for the event here. Check back weekly to vote on new entries and see winners on our Gormley page. Send us your entries to win some hot swag.

Also, stay tuned for our analog contest with an exciting collaborator and very special prizes.

Video courtesy of Art Observed

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