Erin Garcia : Whatuuuup professorevans.
Lucy Rose: Oh hey.
Erin Garcia : It’s Erin.
Lucy Rose: I figured as much — ha, Professor Evans.
Erin Garcia : PHD status
Lucy Rose: I like it.
Lucy Rose: I know this is the laziest way to do an interview ever, but it just makes editing so much easier — besides, we get to erase all the umms before we even say them. It makes us both sound so much more intelligent.
Erin Garcia : haha
Erin Garcia : Works for me.
Lucy Rose: (I’ve done this before)
Lucy Rose: Ok, shall we start?
Erin Garcia : Let’s do it.
Lucy Rose: Ok, so you’re from Ohio, right? Tell me a little about where and how you grew up.
Erin Garcia : I’m actually from North Carolina.
Erin Garcia : ha
Lucy Rose: Forgive me, I’m from New Zealand and am still working out the whole US geography thing.
Erin Garcia : I grew up in Winston — Salem which is a med-small city in the middle of NC.
Lucy Rose: What was life like there as a kid? What did you spend your weekends doing?
Erin Garcia : As a kid it was rad, lots of riding bikes and playing in the woods. >Lucy Rose: At what age did you decide you were going to leave? Was it ever a decision?
Erin Garcia : I left a couple times, once in 8th grade to live with my dad in Alabama, then came back. Then my family moved to Colorado when I was 15.
Erin Garcia : CO wasn’t for me so I moved back and lived in Dallas’ basement and finished high school, then left for good after HS.
Lucy Rose: And you came to Los Angeles?
Erin Garcia : Actually back to CO for a couple years, then out to LA in ‘01.
Lucy Rose: What drew you here?
Erin Garcia : I came out to visit Dallas (Clayton) and realized I wasn’t really doing anything in CO, so I might as well just do nothing out here…
Lucy Rose: haha, I like that as a motivation.
Erin Garcia : He had already built up a rad group of people
Erin Garcia : It def seemed much more exciting
Lucy Rose:  Thinking about Los Angeles then, compared to now, how do you think it’s changed?
Erin Garcia : I’m not really sure as far as the city on a whole — I think it’s mostly the change of experiences from living in a place for so long
Erin Garcia : I feel the city’s change is running parallel with me changing and getting older.
Erin Garcia : So I kind of don’t notice it.
Lucy Rose: That makes sense.
Erin Garcia : No rad stories like “Yo NY was WILD in the 80s.”
Lucy Rose: ha
Lucy Rose: I think that’s a good thing though — it doesn’t seem like there was this earlier decade of brilliant things happening in the city, which ends up tarnishing everything that comes afterwards.
Erin Garcia : True.
Erin Garcia : Maybe that means it’s about to pop off here…
Lucy Rose: I like to think so.
Erin Garcia : There’s for sure lots of exciting things happening now.
Lucy Rose: But I have to admit there’s bias in such hopes.
Erin Garcia : Of course.
Erin Garcia : “California love”
Lucy Rose: So now, when someone you meet at a bar eventually asks you “What do you do?” what is your go-to response?
Erin Garcia : I say, “I make music and draw.”
Lucy Rose: Music always comes first?
Erin Garcia : Not always, depends what I was working on that day
Erin Garcia : They’re definitely racing for importants though.
Lucy Rose: When did you start playing music?
Erin Garcia : *importance
Lucy Rose: (don’t worry, I’ll fix any typos) [psych]
Erin Garcia : I started playing drums really young, my step dad was a drummer.
Erin Garcia : Then band in 3rd grade.
Lucy Rose: What was the name of your first band?
Erin Garcia : Local Opposition
Erin Garcia : haha
Lucy Rose: Nice!
Erin Garcia : I was 13 I think.
Erin Garcia : Punk band.
Lucy Rose: That’s impressive in 3rd grade! You couldn’t be anything but a punk band with a name like that
Erin Garcia : We had Fugazi and Joy Division covers.
Erin Garcia : Well, 3rd grade was school band.
Erin Garcia : Punk band = 13 years old.
Lucy Rose: That makes more sense
Erin Garcia : No one knows that much in 3rd grade.
Lucy Rose: Though I would love to meet a 3rd grader who was in a punk band.
Erin Garcia : Totally… I bet you could in LA.
Lucy Rose: So you’ve obviously, I don’t want to say grown, but moved on musically. What you’re doing now with ESP — how do you you define that?
Lucy Rose: How would you explain it?
Erin Garcia : I say we’re a kind of electronic / psychedelic music and we play everything live.
Lucy Rose: Thats so rare — it must be really difficult?
Erin Garcia : It’s been a goal of mine to keep it that way.
Erin Garcia : We’ve definitely thought about straying but I really don’t like playing to backing tracks live. It takes the joy of performing out of it.
Lucy Rose:  Do you think the audience can tell?
Erin Garcia : I think so — when I’m watching a band and they’re creating an amazing moment live I can tell.
Lucy Rose: So it’s not the the rebel in you? Trying to fight the norm?
Erin Garcia : It makes it so you have really special shows and ok ones. And it just makes more sense to me with ESP — if it was a different project I might feel differently.
Lucy Rose: How does that approach influence your art? Or does it even? or are they completely removed from each other?
Erin Garcia : I think after DJing for so long it’s great to have a more freeing experience
Erin Garcia : I think they influence each other a lot.
Erin Garcia : With drawing I feel that I’m sketching / practicing all the time
Erin Garcia : like for the Ace mural
Lucy Rose: how does something become a final piece with that in mind?
Lucy Rose: do you just know?
Erin Garcia : I drew that entire 2 months so I could freehand that piece
Lucy Rose: but you put a lot of thought into the details as well. Even though it looks very free. While you were working on the mural at Ace, I remember you talking in great detail about the colors you had chosen to work with, and you had been through a whole process to end up where you did
Erin Garcia : As I draw I see what works and keep going further until I fell I get that idea across
Erin Garcia : totally
Erin Garcia : It’s through all that sketching that I can come to those decisions
Erin Garcia : I think I realized during that process that I have to draw to work out the ideas
Erin Garcia : If there’s an issue I can solve it by drawing
Erin Garcia : it just takes a bit of time sometimes
Erin Garcia : For instance
Erin Garcia : It took me about a month to come up with the general 4 color idea for the muralErin Garcia : then the next couple weeks to decide which elements worked best and what colors to use
Erin Garcia : I didn’t know what the actual design was going to be until I started on the wall
Erin Garcia : but I understood the elements and colors I wanted to work with
Lucy Rose: Are you going to continue working in color?
Erin Garcia : Definitely
Lucy Rose: because that was really new for youLucy Rose: will you stick with a similar concept for a while? Working within a limited palette?
Erin Garcia:  People’s reaction to it is so strong
Erin Garcia : and it adds another layer of interactions that I love learning about
Erin Garcia : Yeah I decided I had to do multiple colors at Ace
Lucy Rose: then what is next for you with your art? what are you working on?
Erin Garcia : I’m trying to figure out how limited I want to be
Erin Garcia : After doing Ace and RVCA I’m really excited to just draw for a 
couple weeks.
Erin Garcia : I’m planning 2 more murals right now
Lucy Rose: Can you tell us where?
Erin Garcia : They’re both still in the works so not quite yet
Lucy Rose: fair enough
Erin Garcia : Very exciting spots though
Lucy Rose: tease
Erin Garcia : I can tell you off the record of course
Lucy Rose: haha, ok well lets talk about that over our next hang
Erin Garcia : ha
Erin Garcia : totally


Erin Garcia worked with Lucy Rose, editor of JUNK Magazine, to create a mural on the wall of the Commune at Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs. Erin is really nice. He’s in a band called ESP. Lucy’s also really nice. She’s a luck dragon in human’s clothing. Her magazine is brand new, and in-room at Ace Palm Springs. You can hang a miniature version of Erin’s mural on your wall because we have a limited edition run of prints by Erin on our shop.

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