Ryan Huber of Context invited Cultural Engineer and Curator for Ace Hotel New York, Jou-Yie Chou, Andrea Westerlind of the Swedish Outdoor brand Fjällräven, Annemarie Ahearn of Salt Water Farm and his friend and Wisconsin native, Colin K. Hughes of The Institute of Transportation & Development Policy out to Madison this February to get a taste of winters in the Midwest and the local sensibilities and delicacies involving good local beer, local cheese, new friends, old friends, cheese curds, whiskey and the promise of some fishing on frozen lakes in the great outdoors. What ensued in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the Porcupine Mountains (The Porkies) was much of that and a little more; minus the fish. Here are some pictures. Read the full story on Context’s Eye to Eye.

We also have a special backpack exclusive with Fjällräven — the Mudd colored Kanken pack. It might be better suited to city, or even light country, rambling. But it certainly makes itself useful.

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