We had a really difficult afternoon yesterday drinking rum by the pool while DJs Huggs and Alf Alpha spun for a special poolside episode of DJ Day's ¡Reunión!, and Gas Lamp Killer and DJ Eleven joined Day in the Amigo Room for a packed party at night. Don’t pity us. The air is perfect, hot pink flowers are spilling off the vines around the pool, and there are very happy people everywhere.

Artist and Texan Will Bryant, who we hung out with at SXSW, is our resident artist for the weekend, hand-painting signs and customizing Converse. He’s got a new pair of sunglasses on. Drop him a compliment if you see him. Will and resident-wizard Belin Liu painted a big pair of sunglasses for Ray-Ban late last night in the Commune. Ray-ban is set up in the Commune with Levi’s, where you can buy sunglasses and jeans, customize your denim yourself, or have a local artist customize for you, or visit Hit and Run - they’re doing live screen-printing through the weekend. Plus Rudy’s is giving free haircuts.

See more shots from our adventures yesterday on the Desert Gold page, or by clicking on the button to the left. And stay tuned for incredible poolside bands this afternoon, and the Stones Throw & Fools Gold after-party tonight.

Photos by Justin Kent

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