Kate Neckel just finished drawing on the wall in room 1208 at Ace Hotel New York. Some friends stopped by while she was working. Here’s her story:

I looked and looked and looked around the hotel. I picked up some black acrylic paint markers and I drew the stories of the owls, birds, people and objects in the Ace.

While creating this world on the wall, Ace guests and friends and staff dropped in to tell me about their fave Ace things (Robinson from The Breslin points to a burger/fries on the wall), Michelle Buswell (Chris Tucci’s sweetheart) points to a drawing of Liberty Hall. It was perfect since the people of the Ace really make everything come alive.

Photos by Cara Bloch and Ryan Burke

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    I really want to do this to my future dorm room. Burton-Connor suddenly seems more tempting.
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