Every Monday this month, we hand over the lobby at Ace Hotel New York to The Oracle DJs — Diamond Terrifier/Terrible Records — to celebrate the release of five different mixtapes. Last night, special guest Patrick Higgins joined in to celebrate Zs SCORE Remixed, a recent release from Northern Spy. Next week, Representing NYC presents the Zulu P It’s About Music mixtape, and the local hip hop outfit’s first public show in Manhattan.

Up Next:
12/16 - Representing NYC presents a live performance by Zulu P and ‘It’s About Music’ Mixtape release party

12/23 - Diamond Terrifier — Psycho Tropical Cancer Dutty Artz Mixtape release party

12/30 - Diamond Terrifier — Co La’s 'The Subtle Body Wears A Shadow' remix listening party celebrating WIRE Magazine’s Radar compilation release

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