Downtown Los Angeles, California

We spent the morning with Kristen Shaw and Joseph Mandelbaum of Cabin 207, a rare book store and hair salon in Downtown LA. Kristen opened a cozy three chair salon here in the summer of 2013, met Mandelbaum soon after, and the rest is history. In spirit, Cabin is like the original salons. The haircuts lead to talking, the books lead to ideas and the mixture is what makes sense.

Kristen began her career almost a decade ago in NYC at the Chelsea Hotel’s Suite 303. She’d leave work in the evening and bring scissors with her everywhere, telling people what she wanted to do with their hair and cutting it on the spot. Over the years she spent working in editorial and advertising with Jed Root Agency and doing housecalls between NYC and LA, she built up a loyal clientele. She’s been in LA for five years now and continues to do the same, but now you can come to her “home.” 

She met rare book dealer Joseph in NYC, where he was selling books out of his apartment to a dedicated clientele. It didn’t take long for them to hit on the idea on the idea of combining forces, and after building the bookstore together, he relocated with his wife to Los Angeles.
He’s now Cabin’s Creative Director, curating the killer rare book selection and organizing cultural events. Joseph’s approach to book selection is simple: ”If I just couldn’t live without it, I buy it.” Right now the shelves are stocked with about 300 rare books, can’t-live-without art books, and new magazines including, Marfa Journal and Viviane Sassen’s “Die Son Sien Alles.” Every book is displayed face out museum style, that the rule.

Joseph and Kristen love being in downtown LA, and we’re pretty excited to be sharing the neighborhood with them. They’ll be hosting lectures, readings, cultural events, and book launches each month beginning with Graham Walzer in February. To book in the salon call 213.687.7420

Photos by Jessica Comingore

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    These two people are the coolest thing on DTLA. I love you Cabin family.
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    Downtown Los Angeles, California We spent the morning with Kristen Shaw and Joseph Mandelbaum of Cabin 207, a rare book...
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