Ace New York was recently invited to be a part of Tied Together, “an epic journey in response to a global health crisis.”

Here’s what Brandon, from the Ace NYC team, has to say about it:

It’s Bono’s (RED) campaign with Nike to raise money for AIDS research and care, which is why we all wore (RED) shoelaces. There were 24 teams that ran a particular route within Manhattan. Ace NYC ran from Columbus Circle down Broadway to 13th Street, just outside of Union Square. DUH, of course we ran through the hotel lobby at 10:30am cheering, screamin and yellin’. So, basically, for one day, every hour a team runs a route and passes off a baton. Some teams ran, some skated, rode bikes, stopped for drinks along the way….

They did the same thing in London, Milan, Berlin and Paris. Stay tuned for video of the event (but use your imagination to conjure up an image of us storming the lobby in red shoelaces).

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