Casco Viejo, Panama City

Panamanian Jazz pianist Danilo Perez has made a name for himself not only an internationally acclaimed artist, but also a humanitarian figure. With a deep belief in the power of music as a tool for social change, he founded the Danilo Perez Foundation in 2005 — focusing on the social and creative growth of young children and teenagers in Panama City through the development of musical education.

To help animate the burgeoning nightlife of Casco Viejo we’ve joined hands with Danilo to establish Danilo’s Jazz Club at American Trade Hotel — as he says “one amazing room for creating music.”

This one day new beautiful club provides an opportunity for creative development and international exchange at this very intimate level with students from Panama and all of Latin America and beyond — to create new music, bringing old and new, near, far together. We’re honored to celebrate its official opening tonight with two special performances, including one with Danilo himself presenting music from his latest album — Panama 500 — backed by players from the Berklee Global Jazz Institute. 

Photo by Lauren Coleman.

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