Howie’s Weekly 45: King Hannibal

Each week-ish, Howie Pyro tells us about a 45 from his collection of 30,000 records. Let Howie trip you out live and in person at Intoxica Radio Live Fridays in the Amigo Room at Ace Palm Springs.

King Hannibal: The Truth Shall Make You Free — Aware Records

Amazing wild soul singer known as Hannibal — The Mighty Hannibal & a bit later here as King Hannibal — returns from heroin addiction & jail to release this funky soul monster testament to the dangers of drug abuse. Nothing comes close to this! Hannibal aka James T. Shaw has made some of my most-played killer 45’s in my DJ sets (like Jerkin’ The Dog), but this is just amazing! It opens with his echofied announcement “I WANNA TALK TO ALL YOU ADDICTS OUT THERE, THAT’S GOT YOURSELF A GREAT BIG JONES, AND YOU TRIED ALL THE METHADONE, AND YOU JUST CAN’T LEAVE THAT “HER-ON” ALONE…I WONDER, HAVE YOU TRIED… .JEEEESUS???” Then it kicks into a funky insane groove with the killer echofied “I was hooked”…I can never get tired of this one…check the video and get the great Norton Records compilation Hannibalism for a career retrospective. I have hung out with the Mighty one & he is super cool & is doing shows that are amazing.

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