Nazaret, Ethiopia 

It’s sometimes easy to get stuck when thinking about how to help people in far-away places when it comes to money. This JD Samson piece has been bouncing around in our heads lately as we’ve been Pride-prepping with her playlist on the ‘phones. 

Apolis, our teammate for this scarf we’ve got going, has one really great process idea: find a way to use money to be a better global citizen. They go out and help to empower communities that are struggling by bringing them jobs and infrastructure. The scarfs in this video, above, were hand-loomed in Nazaret, Ethopia, helping to provide sustainable employment and a fair wage for a growing artisan cooperative of women freed from prostitution in the region. The people you see in the video are businesspeople, competing in a global market and providing something beautiful, well-made, unique. If you’re careful and attentive, you can build good with the dollars you spend.

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