Guess who this is covering Satisfaction and we’ll send you an Ace Hotel t-shirt in the mail, SWAK. Howie Pyro picked this out for you and, true to form, it’s mildly terrifying. The contest is in honor of Levi’s Pioneer Sessions - artists covering the classic songs that inspire them. We’ll post another song for you to guess next week, and again the following week, except for the third time around we’ll give the winner a Levi’s Pioneer Sessions Limited Edition Crosley Turntable. What a mouthful. The name is actually larger than the deck itself. It’s compact, handsome, and sounds as clear and crisp as all of your records must have 40 years ago. Carry on, contenders! Send your guess to us with “Howie Pyro x Levi’s x Ace” in the subject line.

*Update: The mystery has been solved. And it isn’t Yoko Ono.

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