Our next round of Take Cover takes it up a few notches. You have to guess the song and the artist covering it. As you may remember, this is the second of three rounds of the contest. We’re giving Ace t-shirts (and other assorted treats — whatever we feel like putting in the envelope) as the prize booty for the first two weeks. But for the third and final round, contenders will compete tooth and nail for a Levi’s Pioneer Sessions Limited Edition Crosley Turntable. Howie, our wild and punishing host, is going to find the weirdest thing he’s got. Something your iPhone has no chance in hell of detecting.

Howie’s spinning Intoxica Radio Live tonight in the Amigo Room at Ace Palm Springs. Come for a drink and see if you can pick up any clues…

A send your guesses for this week to contest@acehotel.com. Tally ho!

Prize Fight by Edward Hart, b. 1847, from Ravishing Beasts.

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