We have an old friend named Chris Tucci. He’s not old — we just mean that we’ve been friends for a long time. Chris shares a nickname with our editor — Tino. So we also have in common that we are very tough cookies. Mr. Tucci curates our Sunday Night Live series in the lobby of Ace Hotel New York, and he also is an illustrator, animator and lady’s man with great-looking spectacles. Here is a video he and Steve Merten — no relation — made for Sunday Night Live returning act Turner Cody for his song “Better Days.”

The Fable of Annabell Lee — a tale of love lost at sea. Hand-painted by Ace Portland mural artist Evan B. Harris animated by Fashion Buddha, with an original score by our very own design heavyweight Peter Bowhan, recorded on Thomas Lauderdale's ol' grand under the influence of absynthe and 3D adult movies.

Filmmaker, sculptor, poet, essayist and doodler Len Lye was born in New Zealand in 1901. He was always searching, always experimenting with the relationship between our physical and sensorial experience and the epic trip-out of “art.” One time, he got kicked out of Australia for living in an indigenous community as a white person. He set his work to music, like Don Baretto and His Cuban Orchestra. He worked his way to London trimming coal on a steam ship, and started making experimental films by painting onto the film itself and scratching into black emulsion to make dancing sky shapes and aura explosions — this is his Swinging the Lambeth Walk. He was a quiet and dexterous master of his arts, and we salute him.

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