We have a new breakfast spot at Ace Hotel Portland. In the room formally known as 215, we’re serving up local, organic and housemade abundance 7 days a week from 7 to 11am. We’re going to be posting videos of our hunter-gatherer missions at local farmers markets soon, but for now suffice to say we’ve been concocting fresh rhubarb jam, pickling vegetables, making mustard, and shopping around the neighborhood for the best local breads, cheeses and prosciutto that’s so good it’s just not right. Not to mention local French press coffee, organic juice, granola from Clyde Common, Nutella, honey and local butter, fruit and eggs.

When you book a room at Ace PDX through March, we’ll hook you up with free breakfast and free parking plus 10% off your room (except shared bath rooms). You can book online here.

If you’re coming anytime after March, breakfast is $8 a head, and you’re always welcome to partake in as much as you’d like. There’s also a $5 option where we bring breakfast to you, so you can just stick your hand out the door and grab it — whether you’re wearing something unmentionable or nothing at all, we’ll never be the wiser. The bag includes yogurt, granola, fruit and juice, and can be delivered before 7am, too.

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