Other Music’s Latest and Greatest at Ace Hotel New York

Other Music, our favorite local record shop in the East Village, curates choice vinyl and CDs for Ace Hotel New York. This is their latest delivery — Dirty Projectors, Twin Shadow and Lijadu Sisters from Nigeria. If you’re staying with us and have a jones for something fresh to play on your turntable, just call the front desk and have it hand delivered. Or drop by if you’re in the neighborhood and bring it home with you.


Rather than shaking off the R&B pop embrace of Bitte Orca and flittering back into avant-chamber rock territory, Dirty Projectors go for broke on Swing Lo Magellan. While there are still off-kilter rhythms, weird strings, dense vocal harmonies and spindly guitars to spare, it’s all distilled down to its purest essence, as if meant for heavy rotation on some imaginary frequency between Lil Wayne, Philip Glass, the Beatles and King Sunny Ade, with listeners glued to their radios.


Dominican born, Florida raised, Brooklyn-forged George Lewis Jr. aka Twin Shadow returns with Confess, a brilliant follow-up to his critic-approved 2010 breakout Forget. Opening with a wash of heavy synth and sampled chorus out of a G-rated 80s fantasy film, the timeless touches throughout the album feeling happily congruous; yes, that bass line does recall a long lost Japan B-side from 1979, so cry for joy that it’s been duly dusted off. Lewis has  refined his stage persona into a torrid pop idol pin-up. He pulls it off, and then some.


This is the latest in the Knitting Factory’s reissue series of the music of Taiwo and Kehinde Lijadu, the mesmerizing Nigerian singing twins. Sunshine, The Lijadu Sisters’ third album from 1978, has a bright swagger and buoyant tempo that beckon from the first track forward to “Come and Dance”. Biddy Wright, who co-arranges and plays most of the instruments, outshines even his own previous efforts. Bringing back the electric guitar and organ featured prominently in Danger, he throws some dreamy synth into the mix for a psychedelic disco feel on “Promise”. A rocksteady vibe comes through at times with heavy horns and bass for an acid jazz momentum on “Reincarnation”.

Solange Knowles killed it Saturday onstage with Dirty Projectors at Opening Ceremony’s Fashion Week party at Ace Hotel New York’s Liberty Hall.

An Opening Ceremony

Saturday night we celebrated the opening of our two new retail spaces, Opening Ceremony and No. 8a, for Fashion Week at Ace Hotel New York. We like having parties as much as we like making hotels, so we had fun with some of the elements for OC’s party. Our design partners, OMFGCo, stamped and grommetted leather press and VIP badges, and silkscreened OC x Levi’s gift bags. OMFGCo shared some pictures of their die-cutting and letterpress process on their blog. The bags contained, among other gifts, the last remaining pairs of of the Conversex Ace NYC collaboration hightops, a reissue of a discontinued, vintage colorway. (You can look for a new collaborations between Ace and Converse soon.)

Kirsten Dunst, Jason Schwartzman, Humberto Leon, and Ryan McGinley, Photos by Hannah Thomson

We also invited a couple of our friends to play the lobby. DJ Nasir from Neverstop, who we’ve known since Ace was just a little 28-room guest housein Seattle, played dance music in the evening, and Stumptown brought Beyondadoubt, one of Portland’s favorite DJs, to play a late night set of 60’s soul 45s.

After a celebration dinner of fried chicken, suckling pig, mashed potatoes and biscuits at the Breslin, OC friends and family watched DJ Solange Knowles take the stage with Dirty Projectors at Liberty Hall.

Upstairs, party-goers perused Phillip Lim eye masks and No. 8a’s anti-souvenirs and Jason Schwarzman got a closer look at the goods.

Jason Schwartzman, Photo by Steve Eichner, via WWD

WWD took some pictures of OC’s friends, and Style.com called them nerds.

Here are some of our shots from the party:

Solange Knowles and Dirty Projectors

Chloë Sevigny

Solange Knowles

Josh Hartnett and Terry Richardson

Kelly Osbourne

Michael Stipe, Ryan McGinley, and Spike Jonze

Terence Koh

All photos by Hannah Thomson

See more photos of the event on OC’s blog, and check out OC’s special travel products at the Ace. Keep up on OC at Ace on our blog and Twitter.

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