Some cool things happened in the Ace Hotel Portland neighborhood last week. The much-celebrated Hung Far Low sign — which for many decades hung over the best place in town to get completely trashed on cheap Mai Tais, but is much more valuable as a place marker for Portland’s once and future thriving Chinatown (something you should read up on) — was finally resurrected as a result of the ne’er-ceasing fundraising efforts of some of our closest friends. We love seeing it once again hanging low, and returned to its original glory.

We’re also happy that Portland’s legendary Hamburger Mary’s is being brought back to life. Having enjoyed several decades as a meeting place for gays, straights, freaks, non-freaks, and everyone in between. Some of us on the Ace team spent the Saturdays of our formative years eating hamburgers under the wagon wheels, broken violins, and Miss Leather ‘83 portraits that graced Mary’s walls and ceilings, so we were awash with nostalgia when we went down to meet the crew and take some pictures yesterday. We’ll go have lunch when they’re open and tell you more about it.

Photos by Michael Bunsen and Hunter Gatherer

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