In honor of ATP’s I’ll Be Your Mirror festival this weekend in New York, we introduce Quintron & Miss Pussycat of New Orleans, Louisiana — two weirdos who make the world turn. Catch them plus Dirty 3, Frank Ocean, Philip Glass and The Roots — we have a friendly deal on rooms and tickets here. 

Quintron has been making genre-defying noise and Swamp-Tech dance music in New Orleans for over fifteen years. Psychedelic New Orleans soul and garage R&B filtered through a distorted Hammond B-3 and a cache of self-made electronic instruments have become his creative signature. A genre-less oracle of sound, Quintron has produced strange soundscapes based on inner-city field recordings of frogs and neighborhood ambiance, and holed himself up in The New Orleans Museum Of Art for three months to create the epic “Sucre Du Sauvage”. His most significant creation has to be the The Drum Buddy — a light activated analog synthesizer that creates murky, low-fidelity, rhythmic patterns — used by Laurie Anderson, Fred Armisen and other people in the know.

Miss Pussycat is Quintron’s permanent collaborator — a master puppeteer, vocalist and maracas shaker. Hers are complex, beautiful crafted stagings, with electronically pixilated soundtracks, seedy characters and trippy black light effects (a holy trinity if we ever saw one).

Tell us what you’ve been up to.

We just released a live album on Third Man, Quintron invented a weather-controlled synth called the Singing House, our song “Chatterbox” was nominated for a Grammy and we are currently working on a new puppet film called “The Mystery in Old Bathbath” due out in November.

How do you feel about playing in New York this weekend?

We feel good. Our excitement level is currently medium but we expect it to be raised to “very high” as the magic hour approaches! 

Who else are you excited about seeing at IBYM?

Phillip Glass (huge, huge fans), Magic Band Magic Band Magic Band!!, Makeup, Oh Sees…everything.

What’s your most memorable New York show to date?

C-Squat has to be up there at the very top. We left the show after we played and came back an hour later to find everyone playing our instruments.

If you were curating the festival this year, name three bands you would pick to play the stage with you. 

The Residents might be first pick (they are Louisiana natives after all). And we would actually try to get Bohannon…he is still alive and living in Georgia and he just put an amazing new record out….this dude is basically responsible for modern house but he does it with a real band. We would get Cave (Chicago prog) and ZZZ (awesome Netherlands organ psych rock), King Louie (any one of his legendary bands would do — Kajun SS, Missing Monuments, Persuaders, One Man Band, etc., etc.), and oh man….we would go nuts. The Oblivions (with the Quintron line-up of course) and so much more.

Of course we would also get some New Orleans Bounce! Vockah Redu, Big Freedia, Katy Red (the OG and best of em all), etc…all awesome!

Sorry…that was more than three. 

What have you liked about ATP events in the past?

We played one of the first events in England, and the most impressive thing was that the television in all of the cabins was curated as well. We would DEFINITELY do that! Just fill up 72 hours of psychedelic puppet films from all over the world…we have an enormous collection of that kind of thing.

What record are you currently listening to?

Bohannon’s “Dance your Ass Off” and a psychedelic kids’ christmas album called “Chester The Chubby Elf” (narrated by Percy Penguin).

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