WFMU out of Jersey City is like a shining tower on a hill broadcasting the amazing creative potential of free form listener-supported radio to the world. Sandy opened up some kick-ass on them as she was passing through, taking down both of their FM transmitters and frying a bunch of computers and equipment. They were down for a couple days but didn’t take long to brush their shoulders off and get back on air.

Unfortunately, their annual Record Fair was canceled since the venue where it was scheduled was without power, meaning one of their biggest funding sources for the year was gone, like the dough they laid out in advance to organize and promote it.

But listeners have rallied to help out and it could have been worse. Some kind of aural providence kept these blessed stacks good and dry.

Even their collection of glitterized album cover art was spared.

Photos by Brianna Wilson

And, thank heavens, their cassette copy of The Rudy Schwartz Project’s Yodelin’ Satan. Still, the months ahead at WFMU won’t be easy without a little help from their friends. Good thing they’ve built quite the cache of goodwill with all the weirdness they’ve infused into the airwaves lo these many years.  

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