Origami Vinyl in Echo Park is one of our favorite record stores (and record labels) in the world — and their shop dog Ali is pretty great. Peering into their bins is as lascivious and thrilling as it sounds, so we asked a few of their certified cratediggers for their picks of the week.   


Neil Schield — the bicep : Chelsea Light Moving S/T

It was a sad day when Sonic Youth went on indefinite hiatus a few months back. The band has been a huge inspiration to me over the years and I was lucky enough to work with them on their Murray Street album. Then I heard about Thurston Moore’s new adventure in the form of Chelsea Light Moving. I was blown away the moment I heard the first track “Lip”. The album is not only refreshing and new but harkens back to earlier SY material that was all about sonic experimentation. Get ready to drop some guitar bombs on your stereo.


Sean Stentz — the wild beauty, bassist of NO : Beak>  

Geoff Barrow of Portishead and his pals from Beak> return to form sounding like a PBS documentary soundtrack meets Mad Max: Road Warrior. Dark and buzzy, I love it for filling that ever expanding Kraut-rock shaped hole in my ears.


Emily Twombly — the brain : Palma Violets 180

Palma Violets remind me of a band you’d see in a shitty basement at a party but as soon as they start playing the party turns into the best night of your life. You can tell they’re stoked about rock music and the sincerity goes a long way. Their songs are earnest anthems about “boy stuff”…. but more specifically they are NOT about being sad about girl stuff. These kids definitely collect records — with nods to bands like The Doors, Faces and the Velvet Underground. This is definitely going to be the soundtrack to my summer…

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