We’re excited to announce the kick-off of AfterFest at Ace Palm Springs — we’re hosting DJs, late night screenings and really, really late night dining at King’s Highway all throughout the Palm Springs International ShortFest. We’ll also feature interviews with some of the festival’s directors over the next week or so. First up: Melissa Osborne, director of the short film Change, which screens Friday, June 24 at 5:30pm.

Change is a about a gay Black teenager on the eve of Obama’s election and the success of Prop 8, wherein California voters banned state-sanctioned gay marriage. Can you talk about the film’s inception and how much the final cut reflects your intentions?

The film came about because I wanted to make a short film that I hoped would do more than entertain -– that would get people thinking. I was astounded by the irony on November 4th when Obama was elected and Prop 8 passed and I knew I wanted to tell that story. So I started imagining what that day might have been like for a black, gay teen. What did we — older and “wiser” adults — teach teenagers on that day? I was also aware of my blind faith that Prop 8 wouldn’t pass. I naively assumed that because we lived in California — a “liberal” state -– there was no way the voting residents would let the prop pass. I was wrong. So, those points became the starting blocks for the script CHANGE.

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