Not sure how, but one day I came across this video & was in shock that there was an early 60’s RnB record that sounded like this that I had never heard! The baritone sax had me hooked. After that a hot-handed fever of needing a record I had never seen came over me, I was so confused when this search lead me to a SoundCloud (?!) page. Turned out that this was not a 60’s production but a modern record made by someone obsessed with the same lost sound that I am. I sent a message & he sent me the 45 & a musical friendship began.

At a concert Nick told the audience that I was the first person outside of SF to ever contact him about his music. That must seem so long ago to a man that is now internationally known as a revivalist and classic fashion icon with half a dozen releases under his belt.

Thursday we welcome the singer, songwriter and record producer Nick Waterhouse to Portland. Though it is rumored that Nick started out as a 45s DJ, he is better known as a guitarist and singer of a sound rooted in early 60’s rhythm & blues, jazz and soul. Thursday night he’ll be DJing his fabled 45rpm record collection that inspired his music career, at I’ve Got a Hole in My Soul with me at Holocene. ♥

This is the latest chapter in our new rare vinyl series with Beyondadoubt, a Portland-based producer, beatmaker, DJ and collector.

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