Martie Kilmer, founder of Portland’s Space Design, has an eye for flora and a knack for designing living spaces that cater to all of the physical and discarnate attributes of planthood. It may be innate or a product of her upbringing, bouncing between the Alaskan tundra and the amber hues of Sedona, or her globe-spanning pursuit of the edenic and unusual. Randall Garcia shot this step-by-step video DIY by Martie on the art of terrariums. 

People like the terrariums in the lobby at Ace Hotel Portland. Martie Kilmer makes them. She has a store right around the corner from Ace, filled with skulls, cacti, and supplies for the curious. Visit her website to see more of her work, including a cow skull with air plants growing out of it. Pret-ty great.

Terrariums are really fun to make — you should try it. Get a cup of coffee and take notes in the lobby sometime.

Photos by Jeremy Pelley of OMFGCo

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