We had the enormous privilege of sitting down with Udo Kier at his home in Palm Springs, California and having a chat about space, the end of the world, and palm trees. Udo is a fan of the Ace and he comes to hang out often, and sends friends to stay with us when they’re in town. He celebrated last Halloween with us by screening Andy Warhol’s Dracula at the hotel (we’re having another Halloween celebration this year with Flashdance, check it out).

Here’s Udo, presented in English and German…

Ace: Hi, Udo. We’re curious about why you love Palm Springs.

Udo: I’m in Palm Springs because I came here in the winter and I fall in love with it in the winter because that is the main time where it’s really beautiful. And that’s also the system of Palm Springs– like, Frank Sinatra and all these people, they had houses here and they came here for the wintertime. In the summer almost nobody was here. I came here for the first time in winter and I loved it because it’s such a climate change from Los Angeles. Just less than two hours drive and you have wonderful – especially around Christmas time, when it’s cold – you have beautiful weather.

That was one of the reasons. And then I was looking here for a place and I found, by incidents, a place which was a former library from Palm Springs, and I liked it. And I like space, I’m a person who likes space, which is very hard to have space in Los Angeles, because the houses are very close to each other, which is understandable in every city like that. Especially because in Los Angeles, there are no high-rise houses so that one-family houses are very close, as close as 15 feet or what… And here in this place I have enough space. Space is something – the most important thing in my life.

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