London, United Kingdom

Custom Barista Apron by Dawson Denim

- 13 oz black selvage denim
- Undyed British leather
- Steel Marine D-Rings
- Hemmed by a 1959 Union Special (Apparently it’s rare to find one of these in working order, they actually had to drag an engineer out of retirement to service it) 

Dawson Denim is a young company steeped in traditional denim craft. This glossary of denim terms is pretty much their bible. The fabrics come from an old family run mill in Japan, and the products are crafted in the UK at their Brighton studio. Stay tuned for their collection of jeans launching any day now.



Color photo by Kenny McCracken at Create Studios
B/W photos by David Goldman for Jocks and Nerds Magazine

After all a cup is really only a small plate with its collar up.

A Technicolor study of English pottery, the skill of the potter and the modern mechanized factories of the legendary Wedgwood, hosted by British Council Film.

Our friends at Apolis run a men’s clothing line out of LA that works to instill social responsibility and global activism in its projects. Lonelyleap Films made this short documentary about the brothers and their cohorts.

Apolis sells their board shorts at Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs. Check them out next time you’re here.

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