Fan Modine stayed with us in NYC recently when they played a lobby show with us as well as the Big Star Tribute show off campus. We made friends and stayed in touch, and guitarist Alex Maiolo just sent this never-before-seen video for their new song, Julu Road — a first for us: world premiere right here on your friendly neighborhood Ace blog. The video features a cameo by one of the ladies of Lost in the Trees, who played this summer in The Cleaners at Ace Hotel Portland. Enjoy.

Lost in the Trees, shot by Sandymontana on site at Ace Hotel Portland in The Cleaners. Stay tuned for more shows with good bands this summer.

Lost in the Trees played an invite-only show in The Cleaners at Ace Hotel Portland last night. In the late evening hush before the chairs were filled, they recorded this cover of Cohen’s So Long, Marianne, posted to NPR today. We particularly like the John Waters / James Franco lovechild on drums.

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