Mark Horvath — aka @hardlynormal — is using his followings on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to empower homeless men and women across America to share their experiences in the first person. His website,, challenges stereotypes, sparks dialogue, and is growing a movement committed to ending homelessness, right now.

On any given night, nearly 633,782 people in the United States experience homelessness — over 60,000 of them veterans. And the average age of a homeless person in the United States is only nine years old. When we met Mark, we would never have believed that ending homelessness is achievable — but he has convinced us, as he has thousands of others, that it is.

Head to the @home campaign on indiegogo to help Mark and his team out with some coin for their new documentary on homelessness in the US. Their goal is to use film, social media, and a smartphone game to amplify Mark’s work — turning apathy into action, making the homeless men and women in your community visible, and inspiring more and more people to take action to solve homelessness in their own backyards.

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